The EUPHORIC Project

Page updated on July 19th, 2016

Funded by the European Commission ("Directorate General for Health and Consumers") under the PHP (2003-2008) the EUPHORIC project aimed to define a common set of outcome indicators in some clinically relevant areas and to test them among the participating European countries. In order to disseminate the results of the project, the following products were created: the final report, a video, a brochure, the documents Highlights from the project and Evaluating health systems in order to improve the quality of treatment, a virtual table of discussion, a leaflet and a newsletter.

Final report

The document, which is above all aimed at the European Commission and those who have worked at the front line on the project, gathers together all the results obtained during the different phases of the project and traces the work undertaken.


Aimed at policy makers, patients and the public, this video presents the concept of outcome indicators and illustrates the characteristics, objectives and results of the Euphoric project set in the context of the actions and policies of the European Commission regarding the promotion of health.

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A readable and concise communication product particularly aimed at health professionals, but also accessible to the larger public. It presents the characteristics, aims, and results of the Euphoric project. To download the brochure (available in 12 versions), click on the flag of the country you wish to view:
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Highlights from the project

Simple and concise, this document is available in English and in Italian, and is particularly aimed at stakeholders and decision makers. To download “Highlights from the project”, click on the flag of the country you wish to view:
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Evaluating health systems in order to improve the quality of treatment

The document allows the partners of the project to develop a relationship of positive communication with the media so as to present and promote the activities undertaken in the Euphoric project. The aim is to target specialized media and eventually reach the public.
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Virtual table of discussion

Gather the opinions of those who work with outcome indicators in order to share and discuss the reasons and characteristics of the Euphoric project and improve health care. With this aim in mind, the website launched an area for open discussion to allow health workers, decision makers, patient associations, the public and other possible stakeholders to participate. Read the contributions.


The leaflet is available in 11 languages and presents the main aims of Euphoric and possible future developments of the project. In order to download the leaflet, click on the flag of the country you wish to view:
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One of the main dissemination products is a periodic newsletter to communicate the latest news regarding the project and the website updates. Look at all the sent issues.

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